The Dinner Set

by Comfort Clouds

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released January 1, 2011

Written and performed by
Jacob Trombetta, Jennifer Court, Robert Ethington, Scott Moses, Mike Tolan, Keith Freund and Charolette Miller

Engineering, Mixing, and Mastered completed as The Mammoth Cave by
Tim Gerak

Production and additional engineering by
Jacob Trombetta

Artwork by
Jennifer Court

Album layout by
Charlie Wagers at


all rights reserved



Comfort Clouds Akron

We are all lovers of academic pursuits, various foreign and domestic films, and pleasant people. Each with a seasonal allergy and some kept secrets.

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Track Name: I've Been Searching
I've been searching very hard for something like this. Let's save up, buying nothing that we want, just stuff we need. Then we will be able to take a ship through the Drake Passage in May. On the flight to Buenos Aires we can see the evening film "Ice Birds". When we arrive we will run all day long on giant ice sheets in regular running shoes. Pictures at the Russian base, exhaustion in your smiling face.
Track Name: Up The Hill
Up the hill is far away, and believe me I know, you are the only horse pulling this entire show. But S. Bechet I do believe you played the wrong tone. (Pulls a pistol out on stage) Maybe I didn’t quite hear, I hereby die from a note that wasn’t clear. Grumpy did not receive electric messages.
Track Name: 33.3% Older Than I Am
I know your 33.3% older than I am, but we are getting closer everyday. If you look at the math, annotated graph, you’ll find out how close we can be in the future, when they are screening movies we can see together. What do you say we talk about, parts of this world we can do without. Now I’m 700 and you are 707, you are only 1% older than I am.
Track Name: Abstract Algebra
I think I’ve finally convinced myself I’m in love with abstract algebraic equations involving multiple-sided die. It might be naïve of me to concern myself with fields and rings but I have to graduate with something. Then the problem struck me, what am I doing, I just need to find something that I want to do. Usually I feel I am failing at everything I do and everyone I’m involved with but today I guess I don’t feel so bad. I still have my childhood guilt complex and the all the relationships it likes to wreck until now.
Track Name: Sailboat
Sailboat (for sailing), lighthouse (for showing me the way), island love.
Track Name: Text Messages!
I would write an ‘80’s album for your honor, if you would just text me back. I know you’re really busy, but even with cell phone technology still you cannot message me?
Track Name: F-Work
What have we done my dearest friend again? Its seems like we got ourselves into a bind, whatever shall we do? You see disaster in the weather but the way we work together can only bring this forest back. But now we search for something better, whose loving ears are never gone. The show becomes a little one when you return. Is time by your side anymore that you know? If you do recall our time is small, our time is small, drive.
Track Name: Sweden
After we spent some time together the tingling in my hands did stop, we’re friends. Then you met a man from Sweden who touched your hair so sweet, girlfriend. I know the tingling in your hands stopped about the same time it stopped for me, but when you get home I promise I will run my fingers through your hair. But I sleep tonight until it’s alright.
Track Name: Nikola Tesla
It’s the only way I know, that we are truly alone, and if you please will recall I didn’t want this for you.
Track Name: Nothing's The Same
Sorry I bit your belly the other day, I didn’t mean to frighten you. I was just making a wish to become an angular fish and follow you into the deep. I know it will never happen, I’ll never be 1/10th of you size, but wouldn’t it be sweet to eat what your eating, muscular being, transporting me through the deep? No this cannot be the end of everything we should never have. We can go to the lake under the sea, Ostracod could met us with David and his submarine, it’s the only place we can be safe, it’s the only place. I hope you are alright.

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